Kylie Jenner Reveals Fake Kylie Cosmetics Brand: ‘I Feel Responsible’

Kylie Jenner Reveals Fake Kylie Cosmetics Brand: ‘I Feel Responsible’
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Like Diane Sawyer without the pants, Kylie Jenner posted a PSA to Snapchat about her cosmetics company. Wearing an asymmetrical pink blazer, Jenner assumed her most concerned-looking face and delivered a stern speech on the social media platform.

“So, I’ve come across this website called,” Jenner said, scrolling the site on her phone with an epic acrylic black nail. “It looks exactly like mine, but it’s not.” Her site, the uber-popular Kylie Cosmetics, purveyor of cult-favorite Lip Kits, is

kylie jenner fake cosmetics Kylie Jenner Reveals Fake Kylie Cosmetics Brand: I Feel Responsible

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“I want to be really, really clear and let you guys know that the only place to get my product is, and everywhere else is fake,” Jenner told her followers. “Make sure you guys check the URL, because these other websites are making fake product. It might look exactly like mine, but it’s not mine. And the ingredients they’re using in these fake products are also really, really dangerous, which is my biggest concern.”

Though Jenner didn’t specify exactly what’s in the ingredients, she emphasized their danger a couple of times. She also added that the fake sites often send out obviously incorrect product (or don’t send anything at all after an order is placed), and that her fans wind up tweeting at her.

“I’ll get tweets sometimes saying your orders haven’t arrived, or the color’s not right,” Jenner said, “and I have my customer service team look into it, and after we look into it and try to get to the bottom of it, it always comes down to the fact that these orders were not places with”

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She added that fans who fall for the dupes are getting doubly screwed, because the knock-off products are the same price—and that it falls on her shoulders to make sure people know what’s going on. “I feel responsible to give you guys a warning, because there’s people out there that are trying to steal your money, and I just want you guys to have the very best,” she said. “It’s fake and dangerous, and it’s the same price, so—don’t really see the point.”

For a final flourish, Jenner went back to filming herself scroll through the counterfeit site, complete with outrage. “Like, you guys—powdered foundation? Nooo. What is this?! Not mine! Ew!” she screeched. “What is this? And you guys, we really got into the ingredients, and they’re so bad for you.”

You heard it, straight from Kylie Jenner: If you’re going to spring for a Lip Kit, do yourself a favor and be sure it’s the real deal. Here’s the full Snapchat story, if you want to hear the scandalous story in Jenner’s indignant voice.

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