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Round-Up Fail: Style Icons Snubbed By Time Magazine

Round-Up Fail: Style Icons Snubbed By Time Magazine

Round-Up Fail: Style Icons Snubbed By Time Magazine
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When reflecting on all the different power players in the fashion industry, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed. I mean, sticking to a decade of impactful style let alone a specific kind of influencer is close to impossible. Between models, socialites and actresses, you’d think there’d be more than enough to compile a pretty hefty group of insiders.

However, Time Magazine online decided to do take it one step further and really up the ante. Releasing their 100 Fashion Icons list, we were pretty impressed with the compilation. Tapping editors, designers, stylists, photographers and let us not forget the beloved muse, the group is pretty robust. While scrolling down the list, we were pleased to see some familiar names (and also some commonly overlooked, somewhat obscure ones). That is, for the most part.

Then it struck us, some of the most obvious choices didn’t make the cut. Which got us wondering, what were the criteria to score a spot on one of the most elite lists around? We decided to give some of our favorite trendsetters some love, even if they were decidedly B-List to Time.

Click through the slideshow to see who we think was snubbed and be sure to tell us in the comment section below who you think is a huge fashion force and should have been part of the club!

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