Facebook Proves Men Are Still Fooled By A Pretty Face

Jessica Rubin

A recent study investigating the prevalence of Facebook scams reveals that men haven’t learned much when it comes to looking past a pretty face. Techland quotes the Daily Mail, noting: “The survey results showed men were more likely to hit his the ‘confirm’ button on a friend request if it was accompanied by a ‘hot-looking’ woman.”

Unfortunately, this conclusion doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I’ve giggled quietly numerous times while listening to male friends describe the smokin’ women they were meeting on Facebook. Have we learned nothing from our numerous years of immersion in the land of technology?

Apparently not. More men accept friend requests from strangers than women and buy into elaborate tales spun by these ladies. Gary Davis, the director of consumer product marketing at McAfee, cites identity theft and bullying as two main dangers when admitting an unknown person into your social media life.

Techland provides a few key ways to avoid falling prey to scammers:

1. Don’t accept a request from someone who has created their profile within the last few days.

2. Be wary if the person’s profile is incomplete.

3. Say no if the profile picture is not a clear picture of a person.

4. It’s probably a scam if you have no friends in common.

5. Alarm bells should go off if the person has recently become friends with many of your friends.

6. Be cautious if none of your information matches that of the person friending you.

And of course, don’t accept a request just because some chick has big boobs or she sort of looks like Kim Kardashian. The best thing we learned in kindergarten is that it’s what’s on the inside that counts…and if you didn’t learn that, then you better make sure your passwords are secure and you have really good anti spyware.

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