EXCLUSIVE: Scout Willis Is A Die-Hard Badass For StyleLikeU

Susie G
EXCLUSIVE: Scout Willis Is A Die-Hard Badass For StyleLikeU
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You know the saying “Like father, like daughter”?

Well, turns out Hollywood action star Bruce Willis‘ daughter Scout has inherited some of his famed badass-ery-ness.

For an upcoming video and photo editorial shoot with personal style site StyleLikeU shot by photographer Magda Wosinska, the 20-year-old Brown University student posed in front of the camera at Sunken City in San Pedro, California, rocking a handful of outfits perfect for a Californian biker babe, with buttless chaps and all.

Yes, that is correctbuttless chaps.

It’s great to see that Scout is pretty fearless and ballsy to just let it all hang out like thatliterally.

To even further prove that she is one badass bitch (in the nicest sense of the word, of course), Scout also poses in some flannel duds, combat boots, studded sneakers, vintage silver jewelry and some flowy frocks la Stevie Nicks, all the while rocking some heavy black eyeliner.

And not to mention, she also manages to flip off the camera too, while riding bareback on a motorcycleI mean, can you get any more badass than that?

Looks like maybe someone’s been taking a few “cool points” pointers from fellow celebrity offspring darling, Frances Bean Cobain.

Check out all of the exclusive photos from StyleLikeU in the slideshow above, and be sure to head on over to their site tomorrow, Thursday, December 8th, to see the full video and photo editorial shoot starring Scout Willis.

UPDATE: The full editorial featuring Scout Willis is now live on StyleLikeU.

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