Exclusive: Christina Aguilera On Her Most Career-Defining Looks (Yes, Leather Chaps Are One)

Spencer Cain

As the second top-selling single artist of the 2000s and a judge on the hit show “The Voice,” Christina Aguilera has been a consistent success story since her days on “The Mickey Mouse Club” in the early 1990s. And the 31-year-old pop star isn’t slowing down: She’s got a new album on the way (Lotus, out November 9), and a new fragrance called Red Sin, her sixth scent. (You may remember her first, Inspire, which featured a memorable ad campaign shot by David LaChapelle).

“I find fragrance to be so mood-evoking and something any woman can do, and I love that about it,” Aguilera told us by phone last week, adding: “It can make you feel sexy before someone even sees you. That is pretty powerful. It has been a wonderful process for me,” she said. Red Sin — whose main notes include red apple, cinnamon, cyclamen, ginger, sandalwood and musk — is set to hit shelves next month, right in time for the release of Lotus.

While we had her, we couldn’t help but wonder about Aguilera’s ever-changing image, and asked her to spill on some of her most-loved looks from her music videos and album covers. Click through the gallery above for a look at what Aguilera had to say!

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