Exclusive: An Intuitionist on Kate Middleton as a Wife


Try as we might, we at StyleCaster just can’t seem to shake Will and Kate fever… and trust me, I’ve made some real valiant attempts at it. But with the Royal Wedding just days away, I’ve finally decided to just give in to all the excitement. After all, it’s not everyday that the world gets to be privy to such a historical and joyous occasion.

In celebration of the girl of the moment, Kate Middleton, I’ve enlisted the talents of Suzannah Galland, a British ex-pat and life strategist, whose clients are reported to range from Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford to Naomi Campbell. In an open letter to the soon-to-be princess, Suzannah provides Kate with a little guidance as her big day nears. Kate, if you’re reading this, the following is a little advice from Suzannah, one Brit to another.

Dear Catherine,

As the Royal Wedding between you and Prince William draws close, it is very clear that you both have touched a deep chord in many hearts around the world. There is something wonderfully sincere about your relationship that says you are passionately in love and have chosen one another. Your gentle grace is so moving, that I wanted to share my observations with you, in the spirit of a wedding gift:

  • People ask whether they should compare you to William’s mother, Diana. I would say just the opposite: YOU are the organizer, the planner, and very much your own woman.

  • Trust your gifts as a strategist and planner. Don’t be afraid to create a master plan! William will rely on you.

  • You have a quicker and more accurate eye than William for the more reliable, trustworthy people in your circles. Trust your instincts.

  • The private lives of Royals have become such public property, your ability to draw a firm line will be another plus. Every celebrity makes their own peace with the unwanted attentions of the press and paparazzi, but you are far too strong to ever be their victim.

  • You will find strength through your vulnerabilities. They will speak to your deepest longings and hopes.

You are truly a guiding light within,


Suzannah Galland is a much sought-after Life Strategist, who works with leading actors, high profile executives and entrepreneurs in the entertainment and media industries. Fox Entertainment has described her as an expert in both human behavior and pop culture. Suzannah’s approach is based on the principle that strategic intuition is an informative process essential for creative and innovative thinking. Her practical and spiritual expertise has been celebrated in publications as diverse as Vogue, USA Today, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire. Her guest appearances on television include NBC’s Today Show and America’s Next Top Model, among many others. For more information on Suzannah Galland, please visit suzannahgalland.com.

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