ExBoyfriend Jewelry: Keep, Sell or Give Back?

Jessica Hoppe

Yesterday morning I over heard an interesting story on the news as I dressed for work. It featured the creators of Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry, a new e-commerce site where the motto is : You Don’t Want It. He Can’t Have It Back.

You remember this concept from Sex and the City, no? When Charlotte gives her rock to Carrie so she can buy her apartment after the Aiden breakup? Are engagement rings really THAT expensive? Because I might just take the apartment…

Well now you can turn your heartache to gold or your gold to cash money, rather. But not only is this a heartbreak hotel version of Ebay it is also a cyber help group for the jilted. When you post your auction item you also have to tell the story of the piece(s).

The one woman featured on the news report was left at the altar (he called her over the phone to cancel the night before) and is now auctioning up their wedding bands, engagement ring and wedding dress! Who the hell is going to want your custom made (as in JUST for you) woman-scorned wedding dress?! Wouldn’t that be bad luck?

One of my signature pieces was a gift from an ex. And there were definitely times when I hated his life but that scarab is forever sacred. There is no amount of money that could replace it.

But I am also, what would probably be described as HYPER-sentimental. I stubbornly cling to emotional attachments, which I am not saying is right either. Although I did immediately give away all my jewelry from my first major relationship…but you would have too if you had seen it and or known him.

I can see how this process could be cathartic, comical and profitable! So if you’re down for it read below to find out the details. Might be time to clean out that jewelry box girl!



Pawn shops are icky. And, according to every bad 70’s cop show we’ve ever seen, they never give you what something is really worth. Consignment shops are even worse. You have to give up a percentage of the total cost AND they always smell like your great-aunt’s house. Eeew. So, what’s a girl like you to do? You have all that jewelry sitting around that you loved so hard to get (that sounded dirty, but you know what we mean) and will never wear again…

Welcome to EXBOYFRIENDJEWELRY.COM – a site where you can buy/sell/trade and blog about all of those little painful reminders in your jewelry box that make you wonder “what did I ever see in him?” You set your own price. You get it off your chest and out of your sight. Just because you don’t want it, doesn’t mean somebody else isn’t dying for it. Everyone’s a winner! Maybe you love him, maybe you never want to speak to him again, but either way, you’re ready to move on and make a little rent money in the process (insert “wink” icon here). Here’s the story, you don’t want it and he can’t have it back (insert another “wink” icon here, and then stop winking, seriously).

And don’t let our name stop you. We may be called EXBOYFRIENDJEWELRY.COM but all ex jewelry is welcome – ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands, ex-wives, same sex-exs. If you’re ready to move it out and talk about it, we’re here to help you do that!

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