Emotional Eating Might Be Total Hogwash, According To One Nutritionist

Meghan Blalock

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The stereotype of a heartbroken, recently single female crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s might actually be total hogwash, according to one nutritionist.

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff sounded off on the topic in an essay for the New York Daily News, saying that in fact the culprit might be more honest-to-God, physiological hunger than anything else.

“More often than not, people’s fill-in-the-blank struggles tend to occur in the later half of their days, from mid- to late afternoon and on through the evening; mornings don’t seem to host the same problems… I’d be willing to wager there’s another force guiding your fork. And it’s one born out of hundreds of millions of years of dietary insecurity. It’s physiologic hunger.”

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What a novel idea: that perhaps that mid-afternoon craving for something salty isn’t because you’re so stressed or bored at work, but rather simply because your straight-up hungry. Dr. Freedhoff goes on to say this hunger—which doesn’t necessarily feel like the pangs you have if you skip breakfast—is the evolutionary result of hundreds of thousands of years of having to forage, and not really knowing when or where the next meal would come from.

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Do you think you’re an emotional eater? Sound off below, and head over to the Daily News to feast on more of the fascinating article!

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