Elle Fanning Is Supernatural, Gorgeous on New LOVE Cover

Kerry Pieri

LOVE Magazine covers are a bit like Ryan Gosling movies, you never quite know what you’re going to get, but you know something [someone?] beautiful is going to be involved. For LOVE issue #6, which hits stands next week, one of 5 covers features Elle Fanning shot by Mert & Marcus with a small bow in her wild blond hair and a major ring on her prayerful hands.

The photo duo, according to models.com, will also be releasing their first ever fashion video around the issue. The other cover released so far shows a crying Nyasha Matonhodze. Elle is also crying, but the lack of black mascara makes it less obvious. The issue is centered around “432 pages of discipline, obsession and desire,” per the magazine cover. Hmm, interesting… Especially where a 13 year old is involved.

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