Stuff We Love: Elevator Beds Are a Real Thing, and They’re Kind of Amazing

Meghan Blalock

This might be the chicest space-saving tactic we’ve ever seen: beds that lift up away from the rest of your boudoir. Not only do they look sleek and stylish, but they’re incredibly practical: note in the photo below that all that space taken up by your bed when you’re not in it—as in, those other 16-17 hours of the day, people—is now free to use for whatever you’d like. It’s genius.
elevator bedsThe brilliant design comes courtesy of French (of course) design firm Espace Loggia, which produces the beds in a variety of sizes from those appropriate for kids all the way up to ones usable by adults, including both queen and king sizes.

The mechanics of the beds varies from a wall slide to a kind of rope-and-pulley system, but in both instances, they seem easy enough to move up and down. We’re adding this to our holiday home gift list immediately.

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