Edward & Bella Make The Bed Rock In New ‘Twilight’ Trailer

Spencer Cain

Twi-hards, rejoice! Summit has released their latest promotional spot for Breaking Dawn – Part 1. While a bunch of the footage is in the theatrical trailer, this new one for TV has plenty of exciting new details — and plenty of steamyRobert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart action. (YES.)

The dynamic duo gets down and dirty in bed (when the bed’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’) and in the water while a dramatic waterfall roars behind them. There’s also some new glimpses from the wedding and a bunch of amazing lines that are sure to make every tween girl across America swoon and fall a little more in love with Edward Cullen.

Looking dashing in his wedding day tux, the trailer closes with a sexy and witty one-liner from R-Patz; “Well, what’s a wedding without some drama?” (They’ve come a long way, baby.)

The latest installment in the Twilight franchise will be released on November 18, and even if you’re a hater who isn’t that excited, you’ll probably end up seeing it anyway — so just cut your losses now and buy some advanced tickets. Trust me, this is gold.

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