StyleCaster Launches Its First Fashion Short: Over and Over

StyleCaster Launches Its First Fashion Short: Over and Over
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(Introducing the first ever collaboration between StyleCaster resident in-house photographer Spencer Wohlrab and video extraordinaire Patrick Biesemans. While we’ve dabbled in fashion filmography before, this is the duo’s inaugural launch for the company. Consider it a taste of more to come…)

There was this one weekend when we just took off I’ll never forget it. We didn’t even pack; we just hopped in my truck and drove. She said she needed to get out of the city. When I asked her why she said, “I want to be alone, really alone… just the two of us.” I knew she was lying but I didn’t care. Truth was I would have done anything to be with her.

I drove. She held her head out in the wind—eyes closed, hair spiraling. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I wanted to ask what she was thinking but I didn’t dare.

After a few hours we reached a shady road somewhere upstate where the trees curled over like a canopy. She must have noticed a brook in the distance because she insisted I pull over. Before I could even turn off the engine, she took off. I ran after her. She looked back at me with a smile, it made me believe she cared.

Suddenly we reached the cliff’s edge and she jumped! I knew if I wanted her I would have to go after her so I did it! I never felt more alive. It was the first time I fell in love.

I never saw her again after that day.

It’s been three years since then and I ran into her on 2nd Avenue today. She looked different. I asked her if she remembered our road trip. She said she didn’t. I told her it was the best day of my life and she looked away. So I asked her why she never let me hold her. She said, “If I let you hold me can you promise never to let go?”

I knew if I couldn’t promise her, I probably couldn’t promise anyone. But I loved her too much to lie. So I told her the truth. I said, “I don’t know.”

Photographer: Spencer Wohlrab

Stylist: Catherine Wiley
Hair:Ashley Nicole Grobmeier
Makeup: Erin Green
Models: Ellen Van Der Plancken, Elite & Zach Sky


Creative Direction:Spencer Wohlrab &Patrick Biesemans
Director:Patrick Biesemans
DP: MichaelOrmiston
Assistants:Jeff Croghan & Alissa Huff

Words: Jessica Hoppe

Music: “Wood and String”bySaladman and Cowboylegs

Special thanks toGabriel Rocha at Elite New York

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