Snow Blind: A StyleCaster Fashion Short and Editorial

Snow Blind: A StyleCaster Fashion Short and Editorial
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In the darkness she realized everyone was the same, huddled beneath the folds of what might have been. Her pale fingers curled reflexively. The months and weeks had passed in an instant, leaving behind a silent hush much like one feels when fall finally takes a bow and the first streaks of winter ekes out a path across the falling leaves and encroaching frost.

She couldn’t remember the exact moment when she knew everything would change. It was as almost if she had awoken from a deep sleep and came to the realization that the layers of clothing she had begun to pile on was like a psychic armor, more of a hindrance than a physical necessity. Gloves prevented her from reaching out and running her hands through the soft curls that escaped from underneath his cap. Heavy boots hindered her pace as she rushed to meet his measured strides during their brisk evening strolls through the park. Even her wool pea coat had buffered the feel of his body against hers.

The blanket slipped away, exposing her bare skin to the bitter bite of night’s last lingering caress. She raised her head and felt the snowflakes glide across her face. Lost in the quiet evening, her heart and body exposed to the elements, she felt anything but vulnerable. Seasons fade, feelings dim, but time was infinite. It was her time now.

A smile crept across her face. The year was almost at a close but new possibilities were just beginning.

Photographer: Spencer Wohlrab, StyleCaster
Stylist: Carrie Weidner
Hair: Sean Gallagher
Makeup: Jordy
Talent: Chelsea Leyland
Fashion Assistants: Dawnn Lee Mitchell & Jordan Kopstein
Producer: Patrick Biesemans & Spencer Wohlrab

Creative Direction: Spencer Wohlrab &Patrick Biesemans
Director: Patrick Biesemans
DP: Michael Ormiston

Words: Summer Krecke

Music: Aled Roberts

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