Ed Burns Is Just As Obsessed With Love As Us!

Kerry Pieri

Last night Ed Burns showed his new film Nice Guy Johnny to a group of fashion-obsessed bloggers and writers. You know what fashion obsessed bloggers and writers also love? Talking about love!

“I think it’s what most of us are obsessed with or thinking about. I think Ive always been interested in exploring contemporary life; I dont make action filmsI make personal films.

I was always turned on to the artists whether it was novelist, filmmaker, songwriter that explored how we deal with one another, how we connect, what breaks our heart, what turns us on. Thats what Ive always been obsessed with,” the extremely handsome Ed told us.

And what is the most romantic thing he’s ever done for love? “I was dating Christy for maybe a month, and she was doing a photo shoot in India and I flew there just to see her for two days because she was going to be gone for two weeks. So that was a nutty display of my affection.” We’re thinking maybe we’d fly to India for Christy Turlington too…

The film which also stars very pretty newcomer Kerry Bish pictured above will be available for download on October 26. Check Nice Guy Johnny out on Facebook.

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