Eco-Friendly Products: The Top 5 Style-Friendly Ways Stay Green


Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last year, you’re sure to have seen an advertisement, blog, product, or campaign insisting that you must “Go Green!” With global warming and clean energy stirring up public debate, the eco-friendly movement has made quite the cultural comeback. Top designers, big box retailers, and small brands alike are fixated on marketing products that tug on your heart strings. From eco-friendly finds to fair trade fashions, caring about the Earth and the people on it has become an industry in and of itself. However, this renaissance of flower-child-like thinking begs the question: has the resurgence of “green” meant a reinvention of eco-style?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always a positive one. And depending on who you ask, a “hell, no” might be in order. The truth is that there’s a frightening amount of eco-don’ts floating out there–shapeless sack dresses, hideous hemp handbags, and plenty of men’s clothing that makes you want to say “kumbaya.” That’s the bad news. The good news: with a little commitment and a few tools to help you out, you can find stylish and modern clothing, accessories, handbags, and gadgets that are unsuspectingly eco friendly. These eco-stylish items range in price and style – making it easy for anyone with a fashion conscience to have an eco conscience as well.

To get you started on your eco-style endeavors, here’s a punch list of some of the great eco goodies out there and the places you can find them.

1.The boot (pictured above):

The Cassia Boot available at Terra Plana for $275. This adorable full-length flat boot features a unique print, a recycled sole, and memory foam lining for a genius amount of comfort. The faux wool lining comes in handy on the snowy or damp winter days. These boots prove that eco-friendly footwear doesn’t have to look like you’re going for a hike or hugging any trees on your way.


2. The bag:

The Buckle Up Tote available at Guffly for $70 (brand: Maggie Bags). This bag is not only sturdy, nicely lined, and stylish – it’s made from seatbelts discarded by people in the auto industry. Did you know that millions of yards of seatbelt webbing are trashed each year for simple variations in color? Crazy! I guess they were right; one man’s trash is another man’s adorable handbag.


3. The tee:

The Vital Bicycle available on Etsy for $26 (brand: Vital). Dress it up or dress it down, you can never go wrong with a creative graphic tee, especially one that is printed on 100 percent organic cotton. This comfy stylish t-shirt is not only organic, but also handmade.


4. The jewels:

The Skateboard Cuff Links and Broken Plate Pendant available at Guffly for $18-35. These unique pieces make great eco-friendly accents to a variety of ensembles. The Skateboard Cuff Links are made from recycled skateboards that would have been discarded. The Broken Plate Pendant comes from old and vintage dinner china. They both make perfect conversation pieces your friends won’t have!


5. The denim:

The Prophecy-Basin (men’s) and Kharma-Fjord (women’s) available at Loomstate for $158. These stylish denim pieces are made from 99 percent organic cotton. For you that means they’re just as comfy as your faves but don’t leave nasty chemicals in the earth or on your skin.

Chanell Scott is a new-school entrepreneur that has combined her love for Detroit, entrepreneurship, and sustainability into the business she co-founded– Guffly is the stylish consumer’s source for unique and creative gifts that ease the conscience by being eco-friendly or fair trade. Together with business partner, Jordan Contreras, she came up with Guffly’s unique business model–a style-hunting internet retail store that features a new product every weekday in addition to its customers’ favorites and top sellers that are always available in the store’s “Top Guffs” catalog.

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