Early Access To The Barneys Warehouse Sale

Rachel Siegel
Early Access To The Barneys Warehouse Sale
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Going to the Barneys Warehouse Sale is enough to make any fashion lover go weak in the knees, day dream of designer treasures and sign up for that new credit card your bank is always offering. So, you can imagine my uncontainable excitement when the lovely @BarneysNY invited me to snoop around the sale a day before it opened to the public.

To experience this fashion fantasy with me and see some of my favorite finds, check out the slideshow above.

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I normally try to keep my credit cards away from dresses that are so out there that I'll only be able to wear them once (if at all), but this Proenza is not only beautiful – it's wearable!

I imagine that wearing this dress is  like having a magical style-stream sparkling around you.

Since reading "The Game" didn't do much for me in the dating area, I think I'll try wearing a gigantic heart on my back to lure the men in.

Lutz & Patmos...more like Luxe & wear-me!

Ok, so maybe I wasn't supposed to open this box...But come on, an unlabeled box at Barney's? That's basically like ignoring the possibility of Narnia in your wardrobe.

Oh, hello Balmain.

LBD and a multi-fabric pleated skirt by Balenciaga.

Reasons I need this Little Black dress by Balenciaga: 1) You can never have too many Little Black Dresses, 2) There is a card explaining to me why this LBD is special, 3) It's Balenciaga.

Reasons I need this black blazer by Balenciaga: 1) None of the other blazers currently living in my closet have that super-chic cut-out at the bottom, 2) It's the mullet version of a blazer – business on the outside, party on the inside, 3) It's Balenciaga...and it's black!

Full length leather coat by Alaïa or Neo from the matrix hugging a monkey? Hmm?

A fort made of Ready to Wear.

Don't worry profesh people, I found the Theory!

Red, silk chiffon Vera Wang practically screaming at me to buy it and wear it somewhere magnificent. I wish I had a better camera because it's possibly the prettiest shade of red I've ever seen.

You know when you're at the Barney's Warehouse Sale and someone takes the shoe you just found and already decided you needed more than anything else EVER, and dissapears only to return with its twin? THIS is where they go!

Anyone need a date to a wedding...or anywhere else I can wear this dress?

If Harley Viera Newton doesn't already own this Christopher Kane dress, then she should!

Isabel Marant does Swiss Alps.

Because really, what is a trip to Barney's without a lil Rag & Bone?

Ta-da!! Isabel Marant palette un-sweatpants.

Ever see something and immediately know who you would give it to as a gift? Weird, me too!

The moment I saw this Isabel Marant tag surrounded by palettes, I knew I was about to uncover something fit only for a Man Repeller.

Shirt scavenger hunt anyone?

Now THIS is my kinda work boot!

Oh, hello Chanel, IN MY SIZE!

Reasons I need these Chanel boots:
1) None of my black boots have turquoise and gold on them, 2) I am a firm believer that one can never have too many pairs of black boots, 3) The heel is signif. lower than any other pair of boots I own, thus a responsible purchase.

Im convinced that anything from the Chanel Yeti collection will ultimately become a much sought after collector's items. So when I saw the sparkle of a silver Chanel logo peeking out among fur similar to that of my childhood dog Biscuit's fur, I knew I hit the jackpot!

Remeber in Oliver when all the kids sang Food Glorious Food? Change "Food" to "Shoes" and you have the song that I was singing in my head when I first saw the Great Wall of Shoes.

Prada + Professional = A reasonable purchase.

I still catch my breath a little when I see the blue Manolos that Big put on Carrie's foot in Sex and The City.... Okay, so I'm a complete cheeser but whatever, its Monolos and magical movie romance- I'm not made of stone.

Alaïa's – enough said.

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