Looking for the perfect party, prom or interview dress? We raided Polyvore for 8 chic looks fit for every occasion.

8 ‘Dress’ To Impress Style Ideas From Polyvore

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8 ‘Dress’ To Impress Style Ideas From Polyvore
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Between weddings, parties, interviews, prom and graduation, spring is just one of those times where you need a go-to dress for every occasion. Sure, you can reach for your trusty LBD, but what’s the fun in that? After all, with all the great neons, neutrals and pastels available in stores, it seems like the ultimate fashion sin this season is to play it safe.

Thankfully, it’s Polyvore to the rescue once again, offering up oodles and oodles of inspiration via their 4o million boards. This week, we did a little perusing and found 8 knockout boards that pretty much exemplify every kind of dress (and one skirt/top combo) you could think of for both work and play.

Check them out in the slideshow above, and just remember; if you see something you like, click on the link, find out where to buy it and make sure to thank that Polyvore member (via virtual hug) for making your wardrobe a better place AND space to be.

Have a favorite look you want feedback on? Post it on our Pictures page or drop us a note and a link in our Advice section!

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Picnic or Barbecue: Checkered chic is where it's at -- especially when paired with these yellow pumps and jacket. (Thanks for the suggestion, Lola-8March1982!)

Bridal Shower: A pretty party dress that doesn't show too much skin, this festive frock from Lollypop1 makes a great contrasting statement piece when paired with neutral accessories.

Job Interview: Need some inspiration? Bodangela used these classic Valentino pieces to create a polished and professional style while incorporating our passion for pretty spring pastels.

Graduation: Whether you're walking in cap and gown or just going to support a friend or sibling, this softly-feminine look curated by lgmrkm is perfect for warm outdoor events.

Internship: Part Pretty in Pink, part modern chic, this look pulled together by Licethfashion is EXACTLY the kind officewear you want to sport if you want to make an impression.

Prom: Go big or go home. That's how we feel about this outrageously cool over-the-top dress highlighted by Polyvore member, mmbter. With it's ultra-glam crystals and sequins aplenty, you WILL be prom queen...even if you don't get a crappy plastic tiara for your stylish efforts.

Wedding: Just because you're not the one getting married, doesn't mean you can't bring your own fashion A-Game to the festivities. This bold floral print dress is elegant, flirty AND fun. (Great pic, natasa-m!)

Beach Bash: Just because it's a clam bake doesn't mean you can't dress cute. As this board by lollypop1 shows, you can still rock a bright tunic and sandals without coming off as too fussy for some surfside fun.

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