Wait, Did Drake Get a Giant Tattoo of Rihanna’s Face on His Arm?

Cady Lang
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Getty Images

Speculation is at an all-time high that Rihanna and Drake are a thing, which was recently reignited by the pair’s hit song (and hot AF video) “Work”—but as always, the pair maintains that they’re nothing but friends. But! There may be hope for romance yet, since photos of a potential Robyn Fenty tattoo on Drake’s bicep have the Internet talking, especially after celeb gossip account Tea Tenders reposted pics of the rapper with the visible ink.

The tattoo in question is rumored to be a small portrait of Ri that matches a photo of her that’s hanging in his Toronto restaurant, Fring’s.

The ink was first spotted last year during Drake’s Coachella set; it’s interesting that the self-proclaimed “6 God” hasn’t shown it off since, considering he’s not shy about sharing his other tats.

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Until we get to the bottom of it, let’s relive some of their coziest moments, starting with 2010’s “What’s My Name?”

And  2012’s “Take Care”

And the twerking double feature of 2016, “Work”

If the body art really is a love-inspired ode to a Drizzy-Ri romance, let’s just hope Drake’s tattoo doesn’t end up going the way of Johnny Depp’s “Winona (now ‘Wino’) Forever” tattoo.

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