Your Summer Weekend Playlist, Courtesy of DJ Kalkutta

Perrie Samotin
DJ Kalkutta

Photo courtesy of DJ Kalkutta

Now that Friday’s–finally–here, you’ll likely be spending your weekend in a perpetual state of chill, which obviously calls for a killer playlist.

Our curator this week: New York-based DJ Kalkutta, who got her start spinning around the city’s Lower East Side as a way to make ends meet while learning to produce music. Today, she’s a regular presence on “Good Morning America,” as well as providing the soundtrack to fashion events for brands like Betsey Johnson, Tory Burch, Cosmopolitan, and Ferrari.

Most recently, Kalkutta signed with Sony ATV as a songwriter and producer after “New Americana”—a song she co-wrote for indie-pop sensation Halsey—took radio by storm.

Needless to say, this girl knows her stuff, so we’ll be blasting her on-point suggestions all weekend

Halsey – “New Americana”
Since I co-wrote this song (and have production on it as well!) I may or may not be biased, but it just hit the top 25 on Alt Radio Airplay so I know I’m not the only one who feels like this is a jam! The “would-be anthem of a generation” according to the New York Times serves up a hook filled with my truths and truths of many ’80s and ’90s babies: “We are the New Americana / High on legal marijuana / Raised on Biggie and Nirvana / We are the New Americana.”

The Knocks ft. Fetty Wap & Powers – “Classic”
When The Knocks first released the original version of “Classic” about a year ago, I put it in heavy rotation both at gigs and my own apartment—true to its title, this song is nothing shy of a classic. No idea what kind of sorcery was done to wrangle Fetty Wap for the re-release, but this combination of people could not make me happier.

MNEK – “Every Little Word You Say”
I have an obsession with MNEK that’s bordering on unhealthy. If you want to [change] your whole life, check out his recently released EP as well as the remixes on his Soundcloud—especially the Vanessa Carlton “Thousand Miles” cover!

Bonnie McKee – “Easy”
With nine number 1 songs under her belt as a songwriter (she’s basically responsible for Katy Perry‘s existence), Bonnie’s released a long-awaited EP of her own and it’s pop crack. Also worth peeping: her insane ’80s aerobics-themed video for her song “Bombastic.”

Belly ft. The Weeknd – “Might Not”
Everything The Weeknd touches right now is gold (platinum??), and this song is no exception.

Modern Machines – “Feel It”
The only house track to make my playlist—I love these guys! While you’re at it check out their “Lean On” remix!

Majid Jordan ft. Drake – “My Love”
Their second collaboration since “Hold On We’re Going Home,” this track sounds like a distant cousin of Drake’s “Find Your Love” or “Take Care.”

Phoebe Ryan – “Mine (The Jane Doze Remix)” 
Phoebe Ryan is a mermaid who emerged from the sea to bless us regular humans with this song. A myriad of remixes exist but The Jane Doze are the only producers to truly nail it, if you ask me.

Preston Harris – “Love Crazy”
If you haven’t heard Preston Harris’ debut EP ‘Love Crazy’ (produced by Hit-Boy), start by checking out its’ title track. Best R&B jam of the summer. (You can also hear Preston’s voice shining through 3 songs on the latest Kendrick Lamar album!)

M.I.A. – “Double Bubble Trouble (Steve1der & Equal Remix)”
I Have to admit: I prefer this remix to the original song by leaps and bounds! A fun reggae tinged twerk edit for your summer playlist!

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