Meet the Adorable 2-Year-Old DJ Who’s Going Viral


2 year old dj ajPhoto: Facebook user DJ_Arch_jr

We need to introduce you to the youngest, cutest, most talented DJ we’ve ever come across: Two-year-old Oratilwe Hlongwane, also known as DJ AJ to his 27,000 Facebook fans.

He might still be learning to speak, and is probably still being potty trained, but little DJ AJ is already the youngest DJ in all of South Africa, the Associated Press reports.

The talented toddler got his start playing with the DJ app on his dad’s iPad, and then wowed his parents–and the world–when he was able to replicate the sounds with professional music equipment.

Apparently AJ’s already reeling in the paid sponsorships, but you won’t see him performing at any parties yet–his parents Refiloe Marumo and Glen Hlongwane are holding off from that for now. AJ’s parents also say they won’t force him to become a DJ when he grows up, and that’s been a surprising amount of hate directed at the young talent.

“It was hard watching people say negative stuff about our kid and, you know, not having the power to fight back, because we see that whether you do good or bad, people will forever talk … celebrity people go through that. It’s something we had to learn and get over,” Marumo told CCTV.

Head over to AJ’s Facebook page to watch this adorable kid in action, or check out the video below to see him at work.

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