DIY a Bar Area For Your Next Soiree Using a Chalkboard

Leah Bourne

A91Q1711 copyWe here at The Vivant are constantly on the hunt for fun entertaining decor ideas that look gorgeous, but are also cheap and easy to recreate. Which is why when we came across this idea for a chalkboard bar, created by Monika Hibbs for The Every Girl, we were instantly obsessed.
Hibbs’ genius idea? Teach your guests to make your favorite cocktail writing out instructions on a chalkboard along with the drink’s ingredients. Simply use a┬ápiece of plywood and paint on some chalkboard paint, and there you have it. Why we love it? It’s easy, you can place it anywhere at your event, and it will even save you, the host, time during the event since the bar itself is DIY.
Head over to The Every Girl for more of Hibbs’ great ideas for DIY bars for parties.
Have a great idea for creating a bar area at a party? Share it in the comments below!
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