Disco Inferno


Photo Courtesy of: Patrick McMullan

Hot Pants, Sweat Bands, Vintage Carreras, and Tie-Dye are not normally ingredients I would consider for an entertaining evening. Certainly not in 30 degree weather at the end of October- just two days before Halloween.  Yet after donning my “70’s Disco” outfit, the theme of the annual Tibi Trivia Dinner, I got as pumped up as John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

I got ready with Migueliana Gambaccini, who, very apropos went as Talitha Getty, wearing a wig that cost her “about 2,000” and about 10 pounds of gold lame. We walked the short distance to the Tibi Store to the shouts of nearly every cab within the 7 block radius, many of them reminding us that Halloween wasn’t actually until Friday. What a relief it was to see a similar crowd of factory girls and boys outfitted in every variation of that delectable decade—from Tibi’s Liz Walker in a gold lurex body suit, blonde afro, and a gold tooth, to Kipton Cronkite’s memorable turn as a mustacheod tennis pro. Other faves–Sarah Basile in a vintage Cleopatra-esque Versace she picked up at the Spence-Chapin thrift shop, Anisha Lakhani in gigantic sunglasses and a crazy print dress, and Antonia Thompson in 1960s YSL and a cast decorated with costume jewelry (she recently fell from a chair while trying to put away some Sevres China).

After feasting ourselves on Pop Burgers and Kahlula Daiquiris, and the requisite 17 different brands of bright candies, the games began. Consider it a fashionable Jeopardy, with questions ranging from “Who designed the Chanel Pavilion” to “Who shot Angelina Jolie for the cover of Novembers W.” After an excruciating tiebreaker, our team, the Talitha’s, beat our foes to win $1000 gift certificates to the Tibi Store (although I’m still unsure if they have my dress size).

The highlight of the night however came when Tibi designer and founder Amy Smilovic was feted for her birthday–at which point a supposed cop came to the door. Apparently I was the only one not in the joke, and started popping a Xanax with the alacrity of someone who is about to be busted for seventies excess. Amy was mortified until the music morphed into pure sexiness, and the cop turned out to be well, uh, a stripper. I swear to G I have never seen a male stripper before, and I can tell you that I am definitely hiring one for my birthday. Although he stopped short of the showing us the full package, his chiseled body and cocky grin were enough to make all of us put down our blackberries and ogle like Andy Warhol at an orgy.

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