All the Details on Harper Beckham’s $2,000 (and Rising!) Shoe Collection

Spencer Cain

She may be only 19-months-old, but Harper Beckham is quickly racking up an enviable collection of designer duds that would make even the most accomplished fashion collector jealous. Case in point: the pint-sized tot already has a shoe collection that’s worth over $2,000 according to The Daily Mail. With her super wealthy father, soccer star David Beckham, and fashion designer mother Victoria Beckham (who is known for her impressive collection of Birkin bags), it’s no surprise that she’s already becoming a style setter.
Sure, $2,000 may only be a pair of Louboutins for an adult, but for a child (who just recently took her first steps), it’s quite an impressive figure. Some of the items in Beckham’s shoe closet include a pair of lambskin Hermès Mary Janes, which retail for $220. Additionally, she frequently wears a pair of Chloé boots, which weigh in at $120, far more than the velcro sneakers you probably wore growing up. Additionally, she’s been spotted in other high-priced Mary Janes, like a red pair from Gucci ($220) and a white version from Burberry ($140).
While it seems that she has an affinity for exclusively clothing her tiny toes in designer footwear, she’s also been spotted in mini-Converse and petite shoes from Zara. Clearly, Harper’s just getting started, and we can expect to continue being jealous of a toddler!
What do you think of her shoe collection—is it ridiculous to drop so much money on a 19-month-old? 

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