All the Details on Blue Ivy Carter’s $1 Million Nursery at the Barclays Center

Spencer Cain

 All the Details on Blue Ivy Carters $1 Million Nursery at the Barclays Center
Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, has quite a luxurious life for a one year old (her birthday is today!). Not only does she rock Marc Jacobs shoes, fly private wherever she goes, and travel Mediterranean via yacht, but when she’s in her hometown of New York City, she lives like a little princess. As many of you know, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn is one of Jay’s regular haunts (he watches Nets games there whenever he can as a part-owner of the team). So, whenever Blue Ivy is in tow, she hangs downstairs in a nursery.
This nursery though isn’t like one that you played in growing up. Jay rents it for around $1 million a year, and it has a massive area stocked with toys for Blue to play with. It also has plenty of space for the adorable toddler’s parents to kick back. “It’s all glass with a champagne bar and TV screen,” a source told Us Weekly.
This isn’t the first seven-figure room Jay-Z has shelled out the cash for when it comes to baby Blue. Before she was born, hip hop’s most famous power couple rented a full floor at the posh Lenox Hill Hospital on New York’s Upper East Side for a cool $1.3 million so she could be delivered in peace—and of course, unbelievable luxury. The space was even renovated to Beyonce’s specifications.
Despite their fortune and fame, Beyoncé and Jay-Z seem relatively humble—but this is sure to seem excessive to some. Clearly, when their baby is concerned, no expense can be spared!
What do you think of Blue Ivy’s Barclays Center nursery?

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