Details About Tom Ford’s Shamelessly Opulent Fall Line Leak


We all know that Tom Ford guarded his Fall 2011 collection presentation like Fort Knoxthe few international magazine editors that were invited had to sign non-disclosure agreements upon arrival, which inhibited them from speaking about the collection until the clothes hit stores and start making editorial appearances this summer. Ford also didn’t want to be “reviewed,” and Twitpics were strictly forbidden.

This whole situation brings the “if a tree falls in a forest” scenario to mind: If Tom Ford held a presentation and there was no evidence that it happened, did it really exist? Well, according to The Imagest it did, and they’re willing to risk life and limb to tell us all what went down.

The Imagest claims, “What lies beyond the layers of mystique, secrecy and non-disclosure agreements is a land of shameless mega-opulence and ultra-luxe. Think outfits crafted from the most luxurious materials money could hope to buy. Dream of crocodile skin jackets, iridescent all-gold looks and crepe de chine pieces that would have made Hubert de Givenchy sputter. Since Fall/Winter afforded Mr. Ford a chance for heavier layering and a plenitude of grand outer-wear, let’s just say the house dived full on into that potential.”

That all sounds grand, but a picture is worth a thousand wordsonce one of those puppies leaks, then we’ll start getting really excited. Are you anxious to see Tom Ford’s fall womenswear collection, or does all of the hype and exclusivity turn you off?

Photo: Jeff Burton for AnOther Man

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