Designer Vintage: Marni Figures It Out

With stores like Resurrection and NY Vintage cleaning up in the designer vintage department, it was only a matter of moments before brands would catch on.

In a bit of an ingenious move, quirky girl fave Marni is launching Marni Vintage today, a revival of some retro apparel and accessory favorites by the label. The Milan based brand is calling it a treasure chest you can consider it saving yourself an eBay headache.

Check out some of the pieces above, see more and get in on the not entirely cheap game from now until December 2 on exclusively.

  • Christina

    Those prices are outrageous! especially that ugly Anne Klein dress for $325. Don’t be suckers girls- that dress is a dime a dozen at any goodwill. If you want affordable vintage go on etsy. They have amazing sellers and affordable prices.

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