Let It Go: Demi Lovato Is ‘Taking a Break’ from Music Indefinitely

Let It Go: Demi Lovato Is ‘Taking a Break’ from Music Indefinitely
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Demi Lovato, she who is constantly embroiled in drama online, has announced her plans to take “a break” from show biz indefinitely. “So excited for 2017. Taking a break from music and the spotlight.. I am not meant for this business and the media 👋🏼,” she posted on Twitter.

The timing of this declaration is not totally random: Yesterday, an interview with Lovato was published in which she slammed Taylor Swift (one of her favorite activities), and the online backlash was real. Plus, she also embroiled herself in some Instagram chaos after a teenage fan posted a sketch of her online as a naked mermaid, and she pulled herself directly into the fray. (Long story.)

demi lovato confidence Let It Go: Demi Lovato Is Taking a Break from Music Indefinitely


“I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body,” Lovato told Glamour about Swift and her friends. “It’s kind of this false image of what people should look like. And what they should be like, and it’s not real.”

“A source” told E! News that Swift wasn’t feeling Lovato’s shade, shockingly enough. “Taylor has a tight group of women in her life that all have her and each others’ back and sometimes people just want that,” the source said. “She thought it was unnecessary for her to make those comments. They both have never been really good friends.”

We’re 100% positive that we’ll hear more soon enough from Lovato, who can’t seem to resist the spotlight and definitely subscribes to the “all publicity is good publicity” adage, whether she realizes it or not. Till then, try keeping up with the Kardashians for your daily dose of drama.

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