Debi Mazar Told Us Her Husband Delivers Her Fresh Coffee In Bed Every Morning (Men, Take Note)

Caroline McCloskey

L_000283You may know Debi Mazar best because of some of her now iconic acting roles (Goodfellas, The Insider, Entourage), but her latest turn is as a foodie. Along with her husband, Chef Gabriele Corcos, Mazar co-hosts Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel.
We caught up with the pair at Italian coffee manufacturer Lavazza’s launch for their newest specialty blends hosted by the duo. The couple are coffee enthusiasts to say the least, and very particular about how they take their coffee. Men out there take note—Mazar is a lucky lady who gets fresh coffee in bed delivered every morning from her husband.
The Vivant: Where did you get your passion for cooking? 
Gabriele Corcos: Well, for me it’s just life.  It’s something that keeps me alive.  In Italy you don’t think about it. It’s something that comes with family.
Debi Mazar: He’s a mama’s boy.
G: Yes, I’m a mama’s boy like many of my Italian friends. Women in the family are extremely important. I learned everything I could from my grandmother and mother without thinking that one-day cooking is what would pay the bills for me. So I never thought of it as something bigger than just what I need to survive. And now all of a sudden it has a bigger connotation—a bigger sense to it.
D: My mother had me when she was 15 and couldn’t cook. So, I’d watch my grandmother who was a great cook. My inspiration for cooking just came out of the fact that I wanted to eat all of the food that was in my building where I grew up in New York. Italian, Puerto Rican, Irish, and more. Everybody had a story and a grandmother who lived with them. I was just inspired by families. The fact that my mother couldn’t cook while she was young made me want to cook on my own.
Debi, did you cook Italian food growing up?
D: I cooked everything! When I met my husband he introduced me to Tuscan cooking, which is very different than American Italian.
So has Gabriele significantly influenced your cooking style?
D: I’ve influenced him and he’s influenced me.
G: We spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. We often have lunch dates while the kids are in school—that is our time together. For me, traditional Tuscan cooking is very important, but it also gave me the foundation to be inspired to cook different things that I like and give a new spin to something I may find at the market, a picture in a book, or something I’ve tried in a restaurant. I am very fixated on my heritage and the food from the region where I come from, but at the same time when we are together we just have fun with it.
D: I was in Cuba recently and I came back with this recipe for a beef stew. I made it for him and he really liked it. A few months later he made it and he “Tuscan-ized” it! He made it even better. He’s a better cook than I am. It’s nice because I may take a very simple, non-Italian recipe and he’ll take it and “Tuscan-ize” it—that’s what I call it.
Do you have any favorite dishes to cook or eat?
D: Well, my favorite dish to cook is something really simple. A really good pasta called, Amatriciana. Just that with some fresh Parmesan on top tastes like home for us.
G: The simplest dishes are always the best for us.
What are your favorite moments from working on your show Extra Virgin?
G: In general, I like the episodes where we meet people who dedicate their life to the craft of food like farmers, butchers, bread bakers and so on. For this season, we went to a place uptown called Hot Bread Kitchen. The woman that founded the bakery and organization is only hiring women from other parts of the world. She helps them to develop the skills they will need to function in New York. Every woman comes from a different country and she bakes the bread of her country. When we were interviewing them there were the Moroccan women making the flat bread, the Israeli girl making the Challah and many others.
D: My favorite episode is when we brought home chickens and built a coup in season one. We ended up having to chase around all these chickens in our backyard. It was really funny.
Well, since we’re at a coffee event how do you like your coffee? Any pet peeves?
D: I definitely don’t like flavored coffee. We are traditionalists. He’s made me coffee in bed every morning for thirteen years. I like my coffee on the darker side with milk. I don’t go for ice coffee or pumpkin-whatever.
G: No flavor. Absolutely not.
D: It’s funny because I would never use drip brewed coffee because it wouldn’t be strong enough, but Lavazza is making it strong enough now that it’s going to be convenient to use a drip model and still have a strong cup of coffee.
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