Your Weekly Dating Advice Roundup: How To Keep The Flame Alive

Jamie Rose

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Dating can be both scary and exciting. Sometimes, we need advice from those who aren’t friends and family. We’ve compiled some dating tips for you to help with everything form getting into the dating world to first dates and finally keeping your relationship in order.

Getting Started:

Sitting home alone today, scanning Facebook and eating ice cream? Get up, get out and take charge of your dating life! (via )

Taylor Swift has mentioned before that she dreams of meeting her dream man in a grocery store. What she doesn’t know is that it is possible. Sitting in Starbucks and even walking your dog may lead you to your future hubby or wife. (via Yahoo!)

First Date:

First dates can be awkward if you have no idea what to talk about. Fear no more because eHarmony has come up with topics for you and your date to talk about such as the “Summer Olympics” and “The Year of the Dragon”. We suggest you avoid their advice on talking about “The End of the World”.  (via eHarmony)

ryan gosling11 Your Weekly Dating Advice Roundup: How To Keep The Flame AliveThe Dating Papers has you covered. Basically, the idea is to look clean, polished and just relax. (via The Dating Papers)

“A man wants a women that truly respects him. You can be a drop dead gorgeous model but shallow… the relationship will not last.”@dating_tips101 (via Twitter)

Keep The Flame Burning:

You know that moment when you and your boyfriend or girlfriend become attached at the hip? It may seem cute and all, but to others, it looks like you are losing yourself. Not spending time with your friends or having any ‘me’ time for that matter? Change it. Now. (via Yahoo! Your Weekly Dating Advice Roundup: How To Keep The Flame Alive

Relationships have a temperature pattern: we start flaming hot at the start, then become a little warm towards and the middle and suddenly grow cold. Being with a partner for a long period of time can cause stress and even a breakup. To help prevent the worst outcome during this point in your love life, this Tumblr post has all of the tips you need. (via

A kiss on the lips just isn’t enough. Your man wants kisses just about everywhere. Ever think to kiss his toes, inner thighs or even his bum? You might want to try it. (via Glamour)

Trust is something every couple needs in order to have a successful relationship. However, some just don’t know how to build this with their partner. Truth be told, honesty really is the best policy. (via The Dating Papers)

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