In an effort to bring you first-hand dating advice, we've sought out the experts at DateMySchool to give you the low-down on what's hot (and what's not) in the world of college dating.

Meet DateMySchool, Our Newest Relationship Gurus

10 things i hate about you 690x388 Meet DateMySchool, Our Newest Relationship Gurus
In an effort to bring you first-hand dating advice, we’ve sought out the experts at DateMySchool to give you the low-down on what’s hot (and what’s not) in the world of college dating. Whether you’ve already graduated and are looking to reconnect with a one night stand or one of those elusive “hook-ups” or you’re a college student trying to navigate the complicated world of university dating, these folks will have all your answers. So read on to learn more about DateMySchool and check back for their future articles!
SC: How was the idea for DateMySchool born?

While Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer were getting their MBA’s at Columbia, a girl in the nursing school complained about her department being 90% female. They were in the business school, which was 80% male, and they were always spotting nursing chicks flirting with dudes at the business school library, which despite many of our fantasies, is not the best place to score dates.

They knew there was a bigger market — lots of students want to discover new people across departments and campuses — but they didn’t find a better solution out there, so they created DateMySchool in November 2010. Within one week, 5% of Columbia’s student body signed up.

Today, DateMySchool is the largest online dating platform for students and alumni. We have over 100,000 members at a thousand schools nationwide, including 30% of Columbia and 25% of NYU’s student bodies. 

SC: How does the site work? Is it like a more conventional dating site? Or is there more to it than that?

DateMySchool has a niche. While Facebook has all the people you trust and know and other dating websites have all the people you don’t know, DateMySchool has all the people you don’t know but automatically trust, because you go to the same school, pay the same tuition, and share the same academic goals. It has a sense of security that most dating websites, which filter users by their zip codes, can never have.

And with our advanced privacy settings, DateMySchool is safer than any other social platform: We’re anonymous: members can’t be searched on Google. We’re safe: members control who may view their profile. And we’re exclusive: only verified students and alumni may join. We feel that this is why our members often land dates within 30 minutes — instead of messaging back and forth for weeks to ensure a creep-free meet-up like users do on other dating sites, DateMySchool members feel comfortable and confident getting offline instantly.

Plus, with our unprecedented filtering functions, our members may search through schools, departments, age range and even individuals to discover their ideal match — we don’t buy into all that algorithm stuff that other dating sites use. (And neither does The New York Times.)

SC: Have you gotten feed back from any users? Does it work? 

Totally! We’re actually responsible for over 50% of the dates at Columbia, NYU and other schools where we have a major presence. We’ve even had a few marriages already… check out this CNN article, which covered our first couple that put a ring on it (legit 10 days after chatting it up on DateMySchool).
SC: How does the DateMySchool idea work with the hook up culture that is dominant in many colleges?

Whether you’re looking for platonic friendships, casual dating, or long term relationships, DateMySchool is the go-to place to discover new pals on campus and campuses nearby. And lucky for folks who dig the college hook up scene, many of our users land dates within 30 minutes. But, sorry, frisky Freddies, no naughty business is permitted on our site — our Logistics Director takes down photos with any quasi birthday-suit replicas.

SC: What is the craziest college dating story you’ve encountered during your time with DateMySchool?

Oh, boy. Do I have to choose one!? My recent fave came from a lady with a lust for law-school lads. Particularly, non-smoking ones with strong builds from Jersey. (You can search really specifically on DateMySchool.) Well, she found two. Fit her ideal type to a T. Were both smart, witty and charismatic… that is until one of them goes, “Wait a second, are you talking to my brother, too?” Oops. Anyway, she went on a first date with one, didn’t work out. Now she’s with the other. And they’re moving in together next semester!


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