The Beyond-Basic Socks That Will Step Up Your Fashion Game

Darner Socks

Photo: Courtesy of Darner Socks

Unless you’re one of the magical few with the power to pull off rainbow-bright, kitschy-patterned hosiery every day, your sock drawer probably isn’t the most exciting part of your wardrobe. Not to say that there isn’t an undeniable thrill in pulling on the perfect pair of opaque black tights, but for most of us, those are more daily uniform than decoration.

Recently, however, I stumbled upon a brand that has me reconsidering the lowly sock: Los Angeles–based Darner makes styles that are special enough to be a footwear game changer but don’t require a Ph.D. in mixing prints or a penchant for zany colors.

The brand’s tightly edited selection includes subtle stripes and floral patterns, but the main focus is on texture, with plush velvet versions that turn mannish brogues into party shoes and sheer mesh styles that give sneakers an unexpectedly feminine touch.

With unique seam detailing and luxe bamboo and nylon fabrications, these socks are a far cry from our buy-in-bulk ankle socks (and, at $32 to $40 a pop, we’ll probably be sticking to purchasing a pair or two at a time). For fans of chunky heels, lug soles, and Gucci-style loafers (raises hand), Darner also offers a bonus: a ticket to statement-making footwear that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

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