Daphne Guinness Apparently Is a Singer Now: Watch Her Music Video Here

Meghan Blalock

Who knew fashion icon and longtime Alexander McQueen muse Daphne Guinness had designs on becoming a singer?  Today, the eccentric fashion star released a music video for her song “Fatal Flaw” and, as expected, the Nick Knight-directed clip is all things Daphne: a bit psychedelic, a tad dark, and a whole lot beautiful.

Back when Lady Gaga was running around with black-and-white hair slicked back in a big bun, people were drawing comparisons between the pop star and Daphne; now it seems the tables might turn. Both artists have worked closely with Nick Knight’s production firm ShowStudio, and Daphne’s clip does give off a kind of “Born This Way” vibe, floating heads, religious iconography, and all.

The music, however, couldn’t be more different; Guinness goes more of the David Bowie route, cooing minimalistic vocals over a rock-infused beat and twangy ’70s-style  guitar.

Watch the video for yourself above and draw your own conclusions on the avant-garde style icon’s latest endeavor!

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