Daily Gift: For Your Favorite Manicure Addict


Every day throughout December, we get you ready for the holidays with a month full of inspired daily gift ideas for everyone from your lovably eccentric uncle to your pickiest best friend. Think of it as our gift to you.

OBJECT OF DESIRE: Givenchy nail lacquer in purple by night, $15, at sephora.com


Reason #1:
Retailing for $15, it’s the perfect holiday gift for anyone on a tight budget – no need to compromise quality here; this beautiful metallic plum nail color is a great and fun holiday gift.

Reason #2: If you’re like me, and feel that black nail polish has been overdone, then Givenchy’s new nail color is perfect for you! The discovery of Givenchy’s “Purple By Night” nail lacquer kicked me right out of my sulk and reinvigorated my love for nail polish!

Reason #3: Majestic and a bit dark, this nail polish somehow captures the feel of a dark starry night, magically squeezing it into this tiny bottle.

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