Cynthia Rowley Collaborated With Goop, And It’s Actually Really Cute

Meghan Blalock

cynthia rowley goopWhen she’s not too busy saying incredibly pretentious things, Gwyneth Paltrow occasionally gets it right. Her latest choice for a designer collaboration with her lifestyle website Goop is Cynthia Rowley, who is currently hosting part of her Spring 2013 wetsuit line (as well as a pair of leggings) on the site. And the entire line makes us want to run off to some remote island to bask stylishly in the sun.

The line is so cute, in fact, that most of it has already sold out–save for this pair of awesome floral leggings ($245) that we can’t believe are still in stock. We’re already guarding our wallets lest we get overcome by our desire to buy these.

cynthia rowley goop leggings

Courtesy Photo

Head over to to see the rest of the line!

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