Crazy Collaboration Alert: Whole Foods and Christian Louboutin Making $1,100 Shoe Made of Kale(?!)

Spencer Cain

Okay, so we’re not sure if this is true—but it’s a pretty crazy rumor. According to David Oliver Cohen of The Crosby Press, pricey shoe brand Christian Louboutin is teaming up with Whole Foods to produce a shoe that’s made entirely of kale. Yes, kale—you know, the trendy veggie that seems to creep its way onto every farm-to-table menu in America.
Cohen obtained the photo of the shoes (above) thanks to a friend who works in a photo studio in Manhattan that was working on a project with Louboutin. Apparently, the shoe is 100 percent compostable, entirely organic, and a portion of the proceeds will go to Whole Foods’ non-profit farming initiative. The kicker? These bad boys are $1,100!
Given that Louboutin’s red soled beauties can retail for way higher than that, this seems like a great investment—although we’re not too sure what walking around in kale feels like. From the looks of the alleged shoe, we’d guess that this will be a pretty big celebrity favorite, with stars like Kanye West fighting for a pair.
What do you think of the collaboration and do you believe the rumor? 

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