The Craziest Hair Commercials Of All Time


From Bumpits to spray on hair, there’s no denying the long and storied history of weird hair product commercials. Oh, how our younger selves yearned for a Topsy Tail and glitter hair gel. Now we’re just bewildered. But then? That marketing worked wonders.

The fear factor hit just as far one Head & Shoulders spot scarred us for life. And whether or not we believed Herbal Essences would give us “a totally organic experience” we are willing to give props for creativity. Could Don Draper have handled spray on hair with such artistry? Sit back, enjoy the nostalgia, and decide for yourself with our list of the most insane hair ads to hit the tube.

Bump Its
Some say: The higher the hair, the closer to God. We say: Holy moly!

HairagamiNot only do you get two hairagamis to artfully fold your hair into the perfect bun and hair sushi styles, you also get a special scrunchie to make a pony heart. So bad, so good (so sold).

Topsy TailHeres a tip about Topsy Tail you dont actually need the product to make the style. You just pull your ponytail inside out, and save your $12.95 plus S&H.

GeometricksSmart girls know all the angles? Lies! Smart girls know to avoid the crimper.

Glitter Hair Barbie Little known fact: before Mila Kunis was kissing Natalie Portman, she was playing with Barbies and streakin and spikin glitter L.A. Looks gel into her hair. She was destined for causing a sensation even back then.

Herbal Essences Airplane CommercialWere not sure who washes their hair in an airplane bathroom, let alone joins the Mile High club while washing their hair in an airplane bathroom, but well go with suspension of belief on this one.

PanteneWhat are you willing to do for hair so healthy it shines? Watch the most epic, four minute long, Pantene commercial from Thailand about a young girl overcoming personal obstacles?

Head & ShouldersWhy must he circle the shoulder flakes on the picture? So evil, so effective.

DenorexDandruff + 80s = tragicomedy in a commercial. But it turns out that tingling sensation, maybe not have been such a good thing after all.

Instant Hair PlusSpray paint for bald spots? Like sweeping the dirt under a rug, but worse because you’re just making a dirt rug.

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