Cover War Manly Edition: Alexander Skarsgård

Kerry Pieri
Cover War Manly Edition: Alexander Skarsgård
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Alexander Skarsgrd is what I like to call a truly fancy man, and by fancy, I mean, super hot. The actor probably should have been on magazine covers as soon as anyone saw his face on True Blood, but alas, these things take some time. Starring in Cannes hit Melancholia is probably a good step.

The actor covers both GQ‘s June issue and Interview for June/July. For GQ, Alex (as I will henceforth call him because I’d like us to be friends) looked, well, very GQ in a grey buttondown with some man jewelry and dark chinos, shot by Carter Smith. Normally, I would be anti man cleavage, but I’ll make an exception here.

For his Interview cover shot by Steven Klein, we get more of an Alex as Eric Northman view. See: all broody and wet and dangerous. He even has a goatee which, again, normally, I would eschew, but for some reason this guy can get away with any degree of man cheesiness.

I dig the expression on the cover of Interview, and the closeup action, but overall, I have to opt for the more dapper GQ look at the rising star. What do you think?

Check out the issue of Interview when it hits newsstands June 7.

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