Courteney Cox Loves Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

Spencer Cain

I have worshipped Courteney Cox since the Friends days, when she was Monica Geller-Bing. Monica was the princess of neuroses and excessive cleaning, and even though I’ve always identified more with Rachel Green, I feel a strong connection to Monica.

Courteney has continued to crack me up in her assorted movie roles, as well as on her new show Cougartown — but she really made me happy when she stopped by Anderson Cooper‘s eponymous talk show and proclaimed her love for one of my all-time favorite condiments. Yes, that’s right, even Courteney Cox loves her some Hidden Valley.

When she goes to a restaurant and they proclaim that they have a homemade ranch concoction, she says she’d prefer the store-bought, bottled kind. And honestly, I couldn’t agree more. That’s my girl. Check out the video below for some more of Courteney’s hilarious appearance.

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