Of Course: First Whitney Houston Auction Announced

Spencer Cain

In completely unsurprising news, people are already trying to cash in on the death of legendary singer Whitney Houston. Following her untimely passing right before the Grammy Awards last weekend, certain items related to Whitney will be lumped in with numerous other pieces of memorabilia at the Hollywood Legends auction.

The auction, which will take place on March 31 and April 1 in Beverly Hills, will feature clothing worn by icons like Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. As for Houston’s merchandise, a pair of earrings she wore in The Bodyguard and a black velvet dress from her collection will be up for purchase.

I guess this is pretty tame, but something about the fact that it’s taking place down the road from the Beverly Hilton Hotel (where Houston met her tragic end) irks me a little. The woman is barely six feet under and people are already hankering for a piece of the pie. But on the other hand, maybe true fans will now have a good way to stay close to her.

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