Coup de Coeur Shopping Tour


Object Of Desire

Coup de Coeur Shopping Tour, $675 for four hours, at

Reason #1

When you don’t know what to wear and are tired of your same, boring wardrobe (like every day), it is time to sign up with Coup de Coeur for one of their guided shopping tours of Manhattan.

Reason #2

Coup de Coeur founders Amanda Doll Sheppard and Lucia Marcelle Tait personally plan tours for you or you and your friends to fit your special wardrobe needs and style tastes. These aren’t just stylists, they are fashion connoisseurs who will take you deep inside the world of New York retail, from big department stores to hole in the wall vintage boutiques.

Reason #3

The extra special attention and guidance makes the tours fun enough that they don’t need to be reserved for a time of need. Schedule one the next time your best friend from school is in town. She’ll thank you.

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