Contra, Vampire Weekend’s New Album Comes Together in Pieces


Vampire Weekend has been taking the Cloverfield approach to promoting their album “Contra” by teasing us with elusive track titles and album covers. Bear in mind, you’re going to have to hold out until the album’s release on January 12 and wait out the tidbits you get here and here. No one likes a tease, Vampire Weekend!

Album details have been coming together after lead singer Ezra Koenig sat down with Pitchfork and revealed the origins of the album cover; “The picture is an actual candid document of a person in New York City in 1983; those are the clothes that she was wearing and how she did her hair that day. We didn’t hire one of our friends to throw on a vintage Polo shirt or anything.”

Now, the new single, “Horchata” is available for you to preview and download! The song is very Vampire Weekend namely because of Koenig’s recognizable voice, the drums and gentle strings. However, the song is less African-inspired with a little more psychedelic influence, which is an interesting step for Vampire Weekend.

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