Confessions of a Web Stalker: Sorcha


My friend Scott Schuman launched a little site called The Sartorialist back in 2005 that grew into a giant phenomenon. You might have heard of it. Scott did a great job featuring impeccably dressed civilians as daily features. Essentially, he editorialized street fashion and since then, I’ve turned into a giant web stalker. Not a lot of people like the “s” word and all it’s negative connotations, but that is exactly what I’ve become. I comb hundreds of blogs daily for street style inspiration. I credit the surge of UGC (user generated content) online and the sheer genius of beautiful photography – professional and almost-pro. I decided to start sharing my finds with you so we can be inspired together. This is the first installment…



MC. Hey Sorcha! How are you?
SG. I’m good today. I stayed in school ’til later so I’m a bit tired now. I’m looking forward to the weekend 🙂

MC. Same.. And it’s only Tuesday. Did you eat?
SG. Ummm a bowl of Rice Crispies and a bit of organic chocolate. I hate healthy food except for raw carrots. haha

MC. Yeah..same. Give me the skinny: Where are you? What do you do? Where are you headed?
SG. I’m 16 from Northern Ireland and I quite like being Irish. I am currently studying art, film and religion in school. I would rather be at the age that I was going to University (maybe in England) just to be around an artsy fashionable surrounding as it is what I am passionate about. I’m hoping to go down the artsy route and maybe get somewhere good that I love with it.

MC. Your style is really cute!
SG. I would say my style varies. I buy what I love and not what I think would fit a certain stereotype. If I had a million pounds, I would spend it all on clothes! I’m very much into the tailored look. I like everything from smart boy trousers to blazers. I always buy mini dresses which I style with coloured tights and platform heels. I don’t really like tight clothing. I don’t think I own ONE t-shirt. I love the punk/dark trend this season though because I love tartans!

MC. If I had a million pounds I would pay my rent. What are your favorite shopping destinations?
SG. There are only a few good shops where I live. I love Top Shop, Yellowmoon and Miss Selfridges. I’ve recently starting buying more things off the net even from Top Shop just because it’s hard to get my size or the item hasn’t arrived in stores yet. ASOS has the best little dresses and amazing clutch bags so I enjoy getting to search around their site. When it’s time for me to go to University, I want to go somewhere with a fantastic choice in shops – everything from vintage to high street and maybe just stalk the designers I can’t afford. Haha

MC. What’s a Yellowmoon?
SG. Yellowmoon is a shop that we have in the local shopping centre. It carries brands such as Lipsy and Miss Sixty.

MC. Oh. Cute name. Tell me about your style icons.
SG. I wouldn’t really say I have any style icons I would like to copy or be similar to. I might see a random celebrity wearing a gorgeous outfit that I like and yes, I might search around for something similar. I love Alexa Chung. She can be so simple but look so beautiful. Dita Von Teese is fantastic! She looks amazing in her outfits and I love the fitted tailoring.

MC. Do you have any favorite bloggers?
SG. Obviously. Meg! (I swear I didn’t pay her!)

MC. Really? Mine is Carol.
SG. I enjoyed her post about Prada Forays into Costume Jewelry and the Alexander McQueen piece. (I definitely think Carol is paying her for the plug)

Here are a few amazing images of Sorcha. She is adorable and I imagine she lives in a castle. Enjoy!



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