A Brief History of the Iconic Chanel Jacket

A Brief History of the Iconic Chanel Jacket
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The Chanel jacket is without a doubt one of fashion’s chicest and most revolutionary pieces. First designed in 1954 by Coco Chanel, the jacket was intended to ease women from the constraint of the wasp-waisted silhouette of the Fifties.

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“Inspired by menswear, straight and fluid, without interfacing, the ensemble provides absolute freedom of movement,” explains the narrator of the series “Inside Chanel, which explains how Coco created the iconic jacket.

“Four real pockets, braid in matching tones or contrasting, buttons stamped with the symbol of the house, and especially, new for the period, no buttons without button holes. Finally, sewn into the silk lining, a delicate chain to ensure that the jacket falls perfectly. A revolution.”

The Chanel jacket has become a timeless classic worn year after year. It has been reinterpreted and reinvented by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Rothfeld, all while maintaining the aesthetic of the original design. It is a wardrobe staple that can be worn by anyone, adapting to each women’s personal flair.

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Here, we take a look at how the Chanel jacket has been worn by women like Princess DianaLinda Evangelista, and Jackie Kennedy on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

FYI: Coco Chanel was 71-years-old when she reopened her atelier and designed the jacket!

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