Meet Clothes Horse, A Game-Changing Way to Measure Your Clothing Size

Kristen Bousquet

You don’t need us to tell you that the most annoying part of online shopping is not always knowing your size. Not only is this a pain for the shopper—you!—who really wants that amazing red dress, but it’s also a thorn in retailers’ sides, who end up losing money when we decide to forgo the dress, or we send it right back because it didn’t fit right. Luckily, there’s a new interface being introduced to the wonderful world of online shopping called Clothes Horse, which will benefit both shoppers and stores.

producttour1 Meet Clothes Horse, A Game Changing Way to Measure Your Clothing Size

Basically, it’s a tool that will be on over 600 e-commerce sites that allows shoppers to click on a “What size am I?” button. From there,  you’ll be brought to a quick (and we really mean quick! It takes about 20 seconds!) pop-out Clothes Horse survey with basic  questions about your size. The pop-out will then do it’s job to calculate the perfect size for you in a specific brand, instead of you having to consult a generic size chart.

producttour2 Meet Clothes Horse, A Game Changing Way to Measure Your Clothing Size

The tool is totally customizable,  so each retailer will have it’s own set of colors and fonts to match its website.

producttour4 Meet Clothes Horse, A Game Changing Way to Measure Your Clothing Size

While this technology is game-hanging enough, it’s about to get even sweeter: Details about fit of individual items you’re viewing also comes into play.

“We kept hearing about not just which size to get, but how is it going to fit me,”  CEO and cofounder David Whittemore told Fast Company. “Now, if it’s a loose skirt, we’re going to say that. We discovered that that’s really what gives the shopper the confidence to move forward.”

And to top it off, the interface actually remembers your sizes when you visit comparable websites so you won’t have to put more work into filling out another survey, and will automatically recommend a size for you to purchase.

Head over to Fast Company to learn more about it (and check out Clothes Horse’s website), and let us know if you think it’ll make online shopping easier!


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