The City-Phile: Whitney to Leave Fake Job at DVF to Return to Original Fake Job at People’s Revoluti


BREAKING NEWS: Whitney Port, star of MTV’s The City, has reportedly left her (fake) publicist job at Diane von Furstenberg to lend her pr/styling talents to People’s Revolution. For those of you who need a little Hills/City background, People’s Revolution was the pr firm that Whitney got her very first “job” at after graduating from her Teen Vogue internship with LC. According to The Cut, Whitney was peeved about Olivia being chosen to go to London, but something tells us that there’s no way that Olivia “works” at DVF either…or maybe Whitney was just sick of Olivia making her her bitch every week (which is probably more likely). I guess this is some kind of awesome publicity stunt to garner more attention around the filming of season 2- as if we needed more of a reason to watch! I must say- I’m really psyched that Whitney is going back to work for the skinny hating/camera loving/super-opinionated Kelly Cutrone.

But the real question is, will Olivia star in her own London-based spinoff of The City called The Primrose Hill(s)?

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