Ciara’s Red Carpet Beauty Ritual Is Edible—and Affordable

Ciara’s Red Carpet Beauty Ritual Is Edible—and Affordable
Photo: Wenn

In a new video, Ciara divulges her red carpet beauty tips, and quite honestly, they’re not what you’d expect. Basically, as far as we can tell, her big secret is … salad. As a team fixes her hair and makeup, she chows down on a plate of lettuce. “Pre-show rituals: Eat your salad,” she tells Vogue. Hers is made of “romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, feta cheese, and cucumbers.”

After she drizzles some balsamic over the greens, she waxes poetic about the importance of rocking out to a soundtrack in the perfect outfit. “It is amazing how music and fashion go hand in hand; we both need each other,” she says. “There’s nothing like, you know, jamming to a good song in a great outfit.”

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 -Roberto Cavalli - Arrivals Featuring: Ciara Where: Milan, Italy When: 22 Sep 2016 Credit: KIKA/ **Only available for publication in UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA**

Photo: Wenn

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Though you won’t get any concrete beauty tips here—she doesn’t mention what mascara makes her lashes so full, or what highlighter makes her cheekbones so glowy—we have to admit, it’s a pretty good idea to sit there and nosh on a salad while you have someone else do your hair and makeup for you in a hotel room. Though it’s not realistic to replicate that in most of our own lives, we can go out and buy a bag of romaine, grill some chicken, crumble up some feta, and chop a cucumber. TBD whether it’ll make us look anything like Ciara, but—at least we won’t be hungry.

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