Chynna Phillips Relaunches Music Career


This past week, Mackenzie Phillips published her memoir, High on Arrival in which she came forward about a ten-year incestuous sexual affair she had with her father John Phillips, lead singer of the Mamas and the Papas. Emotionally supporting Mackenzie through this jarring public revelation was Mackenzie’s half-sister Chynna Phillips (formerly of the pop group Wilson Phillips).

Despite her current family tribulations, Chynna Phillips is now relaunching her music career and working with songwriter Vaughan Penn on her album, “One Reason.” “One Reason” is an upbeat contemporary pop Christian album. In the midst of a troubled and reckless childhood, Chynna became a devout Christian and hopes “One Reason” will inspire and make a difference in her listeners’ lives.

Chynna originally left the music industry nine years ago to raise her three children. Now, Chynna received strong encouragement from her close family ties; Chynna’s husband Billy Baldwin originally suggested Penn and Phillips collaborate on the album together and Baldwin executive produced the album.

To learn more about Chynna’s experience creating this album, click here.

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