Gentlemen Shoe Lovers, Rejoice: Christian Louboutin’s Men’s Flagship Is Now Open in New York

Liz Doupnik

louboutin01 Gentlemen Shoe Lovers, Rejoice: Christian Louboutins Mens Flagship Is Now Open in New York

Shoe-obsessed women may be standard fare nowadays, but the ladies might have some extra competition this season as men are taking more and more of an interest in their footwear. One of the designers taking advantage of this trend none other than shoe maven Christian Louboutin , who has his label’s first menswear stores in the States right here in New York’s Meatpacking District.

Having to weave through the manic women shoppers to pick their own selection, we can only imagine how profits will skyrocket sans crazed Louboutin fanatics (though we’re thinking that manatic fans might be even scarier).

According to WWD, this is just the first opening of men’s boutiques in a succession of many. Chief Operating Officer Alexis Mourot told the daily: “The global strategy is to increase the number of dedicated men’s boutiques. At the moment, men’s makes up 5 percent of the business globally. Within the next few years, we hope to increase the business by 20 percent.”

Distinguishing itself from its lady counterparts, a tattoo parlor is located up a flight of steps where shoppers can take a load off and have a digital photo taken either of their existing ink or have one designed by Louboutin that can be embroidered onto their shoes. If that doesn’t say personalization, we don’t know what does.

Photo via WWD.

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