Here’s Chrissy Teigen Eating Fries While Working Out Half Naked

Here’s Chrissy Teigen Eating Fries While Working Out Half Naked
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The Love advent is always steamy, but this year it seems it gets hotter day by day. And today has reached a new crescendo, with Chrissy Teigen working out while eating french fries in what can only be descried as a provocative manner, clad in an high-cut, electric blue thong leotard and rolling around on the ground, uh, “exercising.” The red sweatband and matching sweat cuffs drive home the point.

In the background, Jane Fonda–style workout music plays, instructing you to keep your “shoulders down,” and bringing serious ’80s nostalgia vibes. Each day of the Love calendar carries its own theme—Kim Kardashian’s had some mesmerizing outer-space vibes—rather than the whole month riffing off the same melody.

Teigen made waves last month when she straight-up flashed the world on the red carpet at the American Music Awards, thanks to a not-totally-thought-through dress with a couple of slits up to there. All was going well for her in her gorgeous Yousef Akbar dress as she posed on the carpet with husband John Legend, and then a wind came along and ruined her day. She didn’t seem too devastated by the whole ordeal, though: She acknowledged the incident on Instagram and shouted-out her laser hair removal spot. Classic Teigen.

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chrissy teigen naked work out Heres Chrissy Teigen Eating Fries While Working Out Half Naked

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