Chrissy Teigen Is Probably The Coolest Model Ever

Spencer Cain

If you don’t follow Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, you are seriously missing out. I’ve been a fan of Chrissy’s for awhile now, and more and more of my friends keep hopping on the bandwagon when they realize just how awesome she is. The model, who has graced the pages of the infamousSports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to share her passions (which include pork products and her puppy Pippa). She also doesn’t shy away from Twitter confrontations with her haters, which I appreciate. Oh, and she happens to be John Legend’s longtime girlfriend and they are sort of the cutest couple ever.

I chatted with Chrissy (who just returned from Milan) at Bravo’s Mad Fashion premiere party at Yotel in New York City last night. No topic was off limits, but I first needed to ask her about her favorite restaurants (she also has an incredible food blog). Though she admitted it was kind of a cop out answer considering it’s a Michelin rated culinary legend, she couldn’t resist sayingLe Bernardin. Honestly, whatever. Being in the presence of a model who loves food more than anything is just refreshing.

Anyway, on to the juicier stuff. As I previously mentioned, she frequently spars via tweet with people who make negative comments towards her. “I like to pretend that those people just hate themselves, and that it’s very easy to be mean,” she told me. I’m sure it doesn’t help that she’s in a high profile relationship. “When people talk about John and I, that’s the only problem,” Chrissy says. “People are really set on the fact that I’m a beard or something, [and] they say the most random things in the world. What land do you think this is that everyone is covering up for somebody? Normal people don’t do that. And we’re normal people.”

Regardless of the online negativity directed their way, they seem strong as can be. Chrissy appears on this season of Mad Fashion as former Project Runway finalist/designer Chris March dresses her for the Met Costume Gala – but make sure to keep up with her winning musings everyday on Twitter. (Trust me, you won’t regret it.)

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